The First Silver Maple Leaf Set to Mark the 25th Ann. Milestone!

2021 is the 25th anniversary of the maple tree’s designation as Canada’s arboreal emblem. To celebrate the event, the Royal Canadian Mint has issued the first 5-coin silver set featuring the engineered surface mirror (“pulsating”) technology. Unlike some of its counterparts, this maple leaf premium set features the technology on all 5 coins!


Engineered “Pulsating” Maple Leaves to Show Canada’s Pride!

The photonics-based “pulsating” technology delivers a sense of motion to the engraved maple leaf design. Each maple leaf is composed of an array of precisely rendered sub-millimetre-scale mirrors which allows the manipulation of photons (light particles) and creates the “pulsating” impression.


Only 3,000 Sets Worldwide to Attract Overwhelming Demand!

Since the demand for silver is escalating and the allocation is strictly limited, this flagship silver set has already sold out at the Mint. ICL Members are entitled to a Special Price, order now!







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