There are 8 different configurations for you to choose from.


1. Classic Gold Proof Medal – A Timeless Artistic Asset

Comprising 7.78gm 999 fine gold, this flawless art of gold adds value to your treasure vault! Own it now to boost your fortune!

Specifications: Composition – 7.78gm 999 Gold and 0.73gm 999 Silver;
Weight – 8.51gm; Diameter – 22mm;
Worldwide Issue Limit – 10,000 pcs; HK Allocation – 8,000 pcs

2. Supreme Gold Proof Medal – A Symbol of the Prestige

Comprising 31.1gm 999 fine gold, this lavish medal reflects your prominent status! Only 950 pieces are allotted to Hong Kong, order now!

Specifications: Composition – 31.1gm 999 Gold and 2.95gm 999 Silver;
Weight – 34.05gm; Diameter – 32.69mm;
Worldwide Issue Limit – 1,200 pcs; HK Allocation – 950 pcs

3. Delicate Gold Proof Medal – A Gift of Excellence

Comprising 3.11gm 999 fine gold, it showcases the Mint’s refined artistry! It is an excellent gift for any rejoicing occasions!

Specifications: Composition – 3.11gm 999 Gold and 0.3gm 999 Silver;
Weight – 3.41gm; Diameter – 16.5mm;
Worldwide Issue Limit – 18,000 pcs; HK Allocation – 12,000 pcs

4. Gold Proof Medal Set – A Golden Trio of Luck

Comprising three sparkling gold medals – 1 “Classic”, 2 “Supreme” and 3 “Delicate”, this golden trio sends you endless blessings! Only 800 sets are available in Hong Kong; be one of the few lucky people to own this now!

Worldwide Issue Limit – 1,000 sets; HK Allocation – 800 sets


5. Gold and Silver Proof Medal Set – A Gem of Wealth

This set comprises 1 Classic Gold Medal, 3 Delicate Gold Medal and 6 Elegant Silver Medal, making a classy gift that symbolises a home of riches!

Worldwide Issue Limit – 5,000 sets; HK Allocation – 3,000 sets


6. Elegant Silver Proof Medal – Good Value for Money

Exquisitely struck in 925 silver, this wonderful medal is ideal to keep for yourself and to be a gift for your loved ones!



Specifications: Composition – 925 Silver; Weight – 28.28gm;
Diameter – 38.61mm;
Worldwide Issue Limit – 20,000 pcs; HK Allocation – 15,000 pcs


7. King-size Gold Proof Medal – Magnificent Jumbo

This 65mm kingly medal is struck from 5oz of 999 fine gold! It has the lowest mintage in the series and only 100 pieces are allotted to Hong Kong! A rare and captivating gem, it will be gone in no time!



Specifications: Composition – 999 Gold; Weight – 155.52gm;
Diameter – 65mm;
Worldwide Issue Limit – 150 pcs; HK Allocation – 100 pcs


8. King-size Silver Proof Medal – Remarkable Colossus

This imposing medal is struck from 5oz of 999 fine silver! Only 1,500 pieces are allotted to Hong Kong, be quick to order now!



Specifications: Composition – 999 Silver; Weight – 155.52gm;
Diameter – 65mm;
Worldwide Issue Limit – 2,000 pcs, HK Allocation – 1,500 pcs


The Best Lunar Collectibles in Limited Allocation

The Year of the Tiger Medal comes in a wide range of configurations for you to choose from. Each medal or set comes with a deluxe presentation box, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity and a Chinese zodiac souvenir booklet, FREE! Not only are they the must-haves for people born in the Year of the Tiger, but also the best array of lunar collectibles and festive gifts. Limited allocation, act now!



The Chinese Year of the Tiger: 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022


Prices of the “Hong Kong Year of the Tiger Proof Medals”

Medal Description

^HK & Other Countries Price (HK$)

Member Countries Price (HK$)

Classic Gold Proof Medal



Supreme Gold Proof Medal



Delicate Gold Proof Medal



Gold Proof Medal Set



Gold and Silver Proof Medal Set



Elegant Silver Proof Medal



King-size Gold Proof Medal



King-size Silver Proof Medal




* ASEAN member countries prices inclusive of GST (if any); free delivery applies to all member countries

^ Hong Kong & Other Countries prices excluding tax; free delivery applies to regions other than HK & Macau



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