"UK Year of the Rooster"Gold and Silver Proof Coin Series

"Crowing Rooster Brings Success"Gold and Silver Proof Coin Series

"Luck-bringing Rooster" Selectively 24K Gold-plated Jade Silver Proof Coin

"Two Roosters Playing a Pearl"Selectively 24K Gold-plated Silver Proof Coin

"Golden Rooster Brings Happiness" 5oz Pink Mother of Pearl Silver Proof Coin

"Jubilant Year of the Cockerel" Coloured Proof Coin Set

"The Queen’s Beasts – The Lion of England"Proof Coin Series

"30th Anniversary of US Silver Eagle" Silver Proof Coin


"Spirit of Canada" Silver Coin

"Love is Precious - Lovebirds" Crystal-insert Coloured
     Silver Proof Coin

"Celebrity Chic"Blue Druzy Quartz Pendant


"Mysterious Charm" Big Champagne Quartz Gold-plated


"Golden Cockerel of Felicity" Golden Figurine

"Two Koi Carp of Wealth" Golden Figurine


"Ingot of Great Fortune" Golden Figurine


"Gourd of Luck and Wealth" Golden Figurine






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