"Guardian Angel" Cut Out Silver Proof Coin

"Guardian Angel" Murano Glass Silver Proof Coin

"Building Snowman" Black Zirconia Insets Silver Coloured Coin Set

"Xmas Surprise" 3D Lenticular Coin

"2015 American Liberty" High Relief Gold Coin

"Journey of Discovery - Christopher Columbus"
     2 oz High Relief Antique Silver Coin

"Austrian Wildlife - Capercaillie" Gold Proof Coin


"Two Historic Reigns of Canada" Coloured Silver Proof Coin

"Buckingham Palace" 2 oz Silver Coin

"Mozart's Life in Three Acts - Wolfgang the Wunderkind"
  Silver Proof Coin


"Domestic Happiness" Locket Silver Proof Coin
(Temporarily Sold Out )


"Lucky Owl" Gemstone and Loupe Pendant

"Love and Bliss"  Four Heart Leaf Clover Diamond Necklace


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